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Monica Leibacher, BS.Ed (#979164)
Licensed Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist
Celebration, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net
Website: www.youngliving.com/leibacher , www.rosewoodmassage.com

Graduate of Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Monica entered into the massage therapy field after a successful 10 year teaching career. She seeks to incorporate her fondness for participating in sports and her education background to offer therapy, suitable for all ages, which augments traditional medicine. Monica is a member of the International Association of Health Practitioners and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association as well as a member of their Sports Massage Team. She is a certified Hot Stone Therapist and a Aromatherapist and currently pursuing higher training in Craniosacral Therapy.

Monica loves to incorporate essential oils into all of her massages because they work! Her clients enjoy the personalization that the oils offer and the convenience of purchasing Young Living essential oils and products after their treatments.

Favorite Young Living Oil: Thieves – it is so multi-purpose and so effective. It has been university tested to kill MRSA! How could I possibly go without it??

Favorite Essential Oil Tip: Add 3 drops Sweet Orange and 3 drops Lemon essential oils to 3oz Ning Xia Red and 3oz agave. Mix well and drizzle over fresh fruit for a delightful dessert or breakfast.

Paula Costantini (#1199525)
Licensed Massage Therapist, Cosmotologist, Aromatherapist
Orlando, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

Paula always enjoyed trying to help people feel better. She started by becoming a Cosmetologist. As a Cosmetologist she enjoyed helping people look their best and feel better about themselves. She and her husband then opened and operated a service oriented business for over 20 years. She later realized she wanted to pursue becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Paula graduated from The Central Florida School of Massage Therapy in 2008. Years before, when a Chiropractor/Acupuncturist first introduced her to Tea Tree Oil, it created an interest for her in using Essential oils. Attending school for Massage Therapy included Aromatherapy, and it appeared to Paula, to be a perfect melding of two modalities for a potentially more natural way of healing, and relaxing. Being able to customize massage for her clients by blending essential oils with the massage medium of cremes, lotions or oils is such great way to introduce essential oils to people.

She is also First Vice President of the Central Florida Chapter Board of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association.

Favorite Young Living Oil: I can only pick one? Lavender.

Favorite Essential Oil Tip: I like to add a skin friendly EO to a light oil such as fractionated Coconut oil or jojoba oil and use this to moisturize my skin after a shower. I like to change up EO’s so I have a few different little bottles pre-made.

Tara DeBoer (#1131331)
Port Lavaca, TX
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

Who ever understands God’s ways? It is not for us to understand, but to accept. Sometimes, it’s hard. Debiliating back pain almost over took my sanity. But it was necessary. Because, I was introduced to essential oils and specifically the Raindrop Therapy when traditional back relief methods fell short. One treatment later, I had no symptoms at all! And I wanted to know how.

Thus began a journey in finding my purpose in life. Could this be what it was all about? I hope so. I am fired up about essential oils and learning everything I can about the healing properties that God ordained into essential oils. Young Living essential oils are oils I feel absolutely confident using. Though stacks of essential oil reference books line my shelves, it is Dr. Young’s book that will convince even the most skeptical of people that essential oils are God’s intent for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Every day, I hear of people, friends, suffering from ailments that most often could have been prevented with the use of oils. How is it that we can read our Bibles til the pages fall out and never see the black and white instructions for using essential oils? My eyes are open and my desire burns to help my friends and family get healthy and stay healthy. I regret the days that went by and those loved ones I’ve lost. From this day forward, I want to show others how essential oils can help them have a healthier life.

Favorite Young Living Oil: My absolute favorite oil is Valor. With the strenuous job my husband and I have working a dairy, we keep Valor within arms reach.

Favorite Essential Oil Tip: Spray Thieves essential oil blend on your furnace filter to sterilize the air throughout your home.

Dawn Haywood (#1259174)
Celebration, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

My home has always been very important to me. How it looked and just as important, how it smelled. I have several stories of friends and family commenting … “That smells like Dawn’s house. “ Way back then little did I know all the harmful chemicals I was exposing my loved ones to. Never did I consider a career in Emergency Management but as my path was guided through living in Punta Gorda, Florida during Hurricane Charley, August 13, 2004 my world changed. Employment was scarce as most of the area was devastated. I applied to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and to my delight the position I was hired for was in “HOUSING” the rest is history as they say. I have traveled to many areas to assist in the recovery process of disaster survivors. I was deployed for one year to Katrina and I even lived in New Orleans for over two years after that as a resident.

I tell you all this because as you may document experiences with writings or photos, I record my memories attached with aromas. Some positive and some negative. As I searched for answers to emotional recovery and the physical aspect of rebuilding ones life I found I desire a more holistic lifestyle and it is more rewarding.

I am at the infant state in knowing all there is to know about essential oils but I can tell you I have always been aware of aromas and the imprinting effect it has in our lives. I am looking forward to the personal discoveries, the knowledge and education as well as the new friendships that Young Living has to offer.

Favorite Young Living Oil: Orange. Being born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida we had an orange tree in the backyard. I remember being no more than about 3 or 4 picking oranges with my grandmother, who then would make fresh squeezed OJ for the entire family. This is called “JOY and HAPPINESS”

Favorite Essential Oil Tip: Orange Essential Oil is kept on my nightstand. Each morning the minute I put my feet on the floor I starting the day with deep belly breathing! Sunshine in a bottle…

Kathryn Konigsberger (#1310123)
Apopka, FL
Email: miskatydid2u@yahoo.com

Nadine MacDermott (#1267275)
Chiropractic Assistant
Celebration, FL

Irene Mashburn (#1263424)
St. Cloud, FL

Gina Melillo (#1098862)
Registered Nurse, Certified Aromatherapist
Sea Grit, NJ
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

Graduate of The Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing, Montclair, NJ 1986, Gina has worked as an RN in the OB/GYN field in many different positions over the past 23 years, including an Office Manager/Nurse for an OB/GYN office; a Childbirth Instructor; and as a Quality Analyst for OB/GYN, Pediatric and NICU units at St. Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, NJ.

Since moving to Florida 9 years ago, she has been pursuing a more “natural and holistic” approach to healthcare which has led her to the world of aromatherapy. She has been a Young Living Distributor for a few months now and loves the products because of the high quality of the oils. She loves using them instead of always running to the medicine cabinet for every ache and pain.

Gina would like to share the knowledge that she has aquired about Aromatherapy and Essential Oils with others-especially with fellow nurses.

Favorite Young Living Oil: Thieves and Lavender

Favorite Essential Oil Tip: Before going to bed put some Lavender into your hands and then rub your hands over your pillow for a great night’s sleep!

Angela Munoz (#1207620)
Early Education Teacher
Kissimmee, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

Diann Rowland (#1378064) 
Administrative Assistant and Holistic Coach
St. Cloud, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

Laurel Dee Snyder (#1207623)
Registered Holistic Nurse, BSN, RN, HNB-BC
Independence, VA
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

Parish Nurse-Church of the Good Shepherd
Sigma Theta Tau
Nationally Board Certified Holistic Nurse
Consultant; Lecturer, Bio-energetic Healing
Guided Imagery for Healing
Meditation for Health

Karen Vitkus (#25758)
Retired Teacher
Kissimmee, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

Pat Wehman (#130122)
Project Manager
Celebration, FL
Email: pgwehman@hotmail.com

Judy Yurgalevicz (#1213465)
Celebration, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net





Herb Leibacher
Team Synergy Website Builder
Celebration, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net
www.webbuilderexpress.com , www.wdwmemories.com

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati and Indiana University, Herb enjoys helping people build websites and likes to support his wife Monica in her business ventures. He enjoys how Monica likes to incorporate essential oils into living a healthy lifestyle – especially when baking brownies that contain peppermint essential oil!

Favorite Young Living Oil: Purification

Favorite Essential Oil Tip: Add 10 drops of lavender essential oil to a small botttle of jojoba oil for use as a pre-shaving oil. When shaving, apply the oil to your face after getting out of the shower. Then, later up shaving soap using a shaving brush and apply the soap to your face. This simple two-step process allows for an extremely comfortable and close shave. It also helps you avoid all the chemicals found in typical over-the-counter shaving products. Who wants to put lots of chemicals that you can’t even pronounce on your face every day?

Nataile Harley (#1111952)
Homemaker, Raw Foodist
Kissimmee, FL

A homemaker for 15 years, Natalie became interested in Holistic Health several years ago and last year started to attend Clayton College in Florida for her Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Medicine. Of her many interests in the natural health field, she has completed two courses in Family Herbalism at the Florida School of Holistic Living. She practices yoga and eating healthy, local produce, mainly in the raw form. Her future plans include courses in Botany and furthering her studies in Herbalism, concentrating on plants used for medicinal purposes.

Favorite Young Living Oil: Clary Sage

Favorite Essential Oil Tip: Add 3-5 drops of Rosemary to a dried Rosemary tea infusion. Add honey for sweetness. A cup of Rosemary tea in the afternoon will lift your spirits and help you stay alert between lunch and dinner.

Mary Jane Magi (#1207773)
Retired Registered Nurse
Kissimmee, FL
Email: info@younglivingdistributor.net

Sharon Summerall (#994019)
Yoga Instructor
Seffner, FL

I was a Realtor for over 20 years and in 2004 decided to pursue my love of yoga and went to Kripalu Center for Yoga in Lennox, Massachusetts for yoga teacher training. For 3 years I was both a busy Realtor and a part time yoga teacher. When I turned 50 I decided that I was tired of the stress of real estate and I took a leap of faith and quit real estate along with the big income that I was generating. My yoga classes grew and grew and I haven’t looked back.

I have studied aromatherapy on my own and I love to incorporate the oils in to my classes with foot massages etc. I am eager to learn more from Monica and am glad that I joined her team.

I live in Seffner, Florida with my husband of 34 years and I have 3 Grand-daugthers. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and doing mosaics and hunting for colored bottles for the bottle trees that my husband makes.


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