• No additives. Just pure therapeutic grade essential oil.

  • Made from the essence of plants.

  • Nature's medicine.

Young Living Distributor

As a team Young Living Independent Distributors, we are passionate about two things: health and success! By enrolling as a Young Living Independent Distributor through us, you will gain an immediate edge – fellow team members who are professionals in the health field and business tools that can springboard you into a new and exciting future. Learn more about essential oils and get started today.

Synergy is when the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. In aromatherapy synergy happens when essential oils are blended together enabling a more therapeutic effect within the body or the environment. And in business synergy happens when a group of people work together towards common goals.

Our Team’s goal is to educate and share information on the use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in order to:

  • Help others achieve optimal health and well being.
  • Help our team members achieve entrepreneurial success as a Young Living Independent Distributor

We feel that each member of our team is like an individual oil, each with their own unique property (training, background, interests, strengths, expertise). We hope that our diversity proves beneficial in educating others and each other about the wonderful benefits of essential oils.

Not only does our team focus on sharing information with the public in the form of stimulating presentations, interactive workshops, and informative oil classes, we also aim to equip our team with the best information available so they can present and teach professionally and easily. With registered nurses, licensed massage therapists, and avid research enthusiasts on our team we have a wealth of presentation materials and knowledge to share with team members.

Are you looking to contribute to a Young Living team, to become part of a group that enables others to strengthen their health so that they can better handle crisis? Please contact us today and let us help you get started.

Are you looking for the best in aromatherapy products and essential oils? Look no further. You have found the best. Email us at info@younglivingdistributor.com and we will get in touch with you.

2 Options for Ordering and Young Living Membership

Retail Customer Option

  • Pay full price for all Young Living Products
  • No obligation FREE signup
  • Receive company specials email announcements

Independent Distributor/Wholesale Buyer Option

  • Receive 24% savings on all products
  • NO purchase requirement each month purchase
  • One-time fee (product purchase) in order to setup wholesale account
  • Obligation to purchase at least one time every twelve months
  • May choose to earn 10% rebate back on orders
  • May participate in an affiliate referral program
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